Imagine a place so beautiful you question its existence. When Jacob and I were discussing honeymoon options, Glacier National Park in Montana wasn’t among the options. In fact, we wanted to take a cruise to Alaska, though when we received a quote, we quickly changed our minds. The gears in my mind began turning.
A few years ago, my dad had taken us for a whirlwind tour of America: the St. Louis Arch, Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands of South Dakota, the place where Custer fell, the Great Tetons of Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park. There was one place in all of Wyoming it seemed like we got cell phone reception: Hayden Valley in Yellowstone. That’s where I heard my Pop pop went to heaven that summer. 3 days later, we were in Philadelphia for his funeral, and we didn’t finish our itinerary that year. Glacier National Park, along with Mt. Rainier, the redwoods of California, and the Grand Canyon had been on the tentative list. Fortunately, we were able to finish our “loop” of America the following year, but Glacier was not on the list. Hearing from my cousin that it was her favorite place from her own cross-country travels, Jacob and I decided this would be a feasible destination for this work-weary English teacher. We were not disappointed and would recommend Glacier National Park to anyone hungering for a glimpse of the beautiful transcendent.

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