Year in Review

I am sitting here thinking of what to type as a year in review. The type of thing that goes on Christmas cards. Are you surprised that I haven’t mailed them yet? I’m not. They’re sitting, brand new, on my kitchen table, along with the fancy pens we were going to sign them with. Maybe tomorrow.


This year: four jobs, three plane rides cross country, two cats, one year of marriage. Mountain hikes and desert streams. Painful losses and powerful sights–

Wildflowers painted on desert plains; lightning glittering on great mountain peaks; baby bears running through wooded thicket; the golden sun streaming through my window at 3:30 pm when I pray; scarlet leaves contrasted with deep blue sky.

A beautiful year and a sad year. A beautiful year to love my husband more and to appreciate how selflessly he loves and protects me. We cooked a lot, laughed a lot, and worked a lot. We still haven’t painted the kitchen. Or the upstairs bedroom.

A sad year to understand that though we are desperately flawed, we are bountifully forgiven. A sad year of tear-stained pages in the Bible telling me that He was pierced for our transgressions and by His wounds we are healed. Beauty and pain: life’s consistent harmony.

I have faith in what the next year will bring. “The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy” (Psalm 126:3).

This has been Anne’s year-end-letter, and the Christmas card she will never send. Merry Christmas to you all ❤

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