Flashback to last spring at the Dollar Tree. Buying seeds in a box, spinning and planting: seeds creeping gentle into the earth. Half of the year they are crazy weeds. It’s frustrating, because I am so bent on approval and all I can think of is how the neighbors must have deemed me crazy-garden-lady. The daisies, however, do not care. Suddenly in September they magically blossom: all crooked splendor and haphazard joy. All disorganized and perfect. All Order in disorder. All Frenetic and peaceful. Fragments of beauty in the early Autumn air. I look out of my kitchen window and smile. They defy control– perfectly unbridled. A gentle reminder that “all good things are wild and free.” The flowers, they don’t compete with each other. They blossom and sway and color the speckled sky.



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