Summer Update~

DSC_4717My poppy field is long gone for the summer, its stalks stand as a remnant. For the first time in my Virginia garden, they bloomed, all haphazard and happy, fragile and colorful. Other things to note of summer 2015: kitchen kittens, all tumbly and awkward. We brought in a stray, blind cat not knowing she was also very pregnant. One night, she crawled into my lap and began delivering her litter into my arms. I was terrified and shaky, not knowing what to do. I fell asleep on the couch to three kittens, and woke up to four: a grey fluff born in the very early hours of the morning. Now, I sit and watch them. They run and jump and sneak up on each other. The climb and mew and knock over the water bowl and climb into the food bowl. They run to me when they see me; they try to climb up my legs and into my arms. They fall asleep pressed up against my chest, and they purr in little fits and starts. DSC_0285

They are all going to good homes where they will be loved and spoiled, but I cannot tell you how I will miss them~

Earlier this month, I was able to take a short trip across the country to visit my best friend Holly. We wandered through Washington: a land mountains, oceans, rocky beaches, sunsets, evergreens, peonies, poppies, the overwhelming sights, sounds, and smells of Pike’s Market. Aside from a hectic return trip, it was a lovely vacation– an all-too-brief escape from Virginia’s blazing early summer heat. unnamed (1)

Hopefully I will update this more, soon. I hope you’re all doing well ❤

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