Alley Cat’s Story

There was a cat who lived under my car.

All winter, we fed him. Through rain and snow, and when it was sunny, he sat in our garden.

We named him Alley Cat.

He wasn’t particularly friendly; in fact, he was quite surly.

He didn’t like us, but he liked food.

Of this we had a mutual understanding.

We fed him; he visited us.

Every day we saw him, and every day we fed him.

One day, we found a gash on his neck. We didn’t know what to do.

We knew his fate, but we wanted to fight against it.

We wanted to adopt him as an outdoor cat, but there was nothing they could do for him.

Alley Cat was gone. DSC_0285

The same day, a new story.

A blind cat who wandered into my neighbor’s house.

We took her in.

She gave us new life, without our knowing.

Four little kittens, all cuddled, content, well-fed.

One of them looks like Alley Cat.

There is no way to confirm–

but it is poetic.

We try to save one, and instead save 5.

All on to their new lives in warm homes.

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