And, intertwined in the daily ebb and flow, the going to the grocery store, cleaning the kitchen, and paying of the bills, Jesus is writing the story of our souls with every breath and step and prayer. God’s heart is to make beauty in the mundane: to let tiny seeds flourish in cracks of pavement. Beauty where no one else could see or fathom. Can you look closer?

The Grand Canyon. The grandeur of God displayed, great beauty wrought by a tiny river’s perseverance. I bet nobody saw the outcome of that divine plan– the river gently, s l o w l y, carving a national masterpiece.

We can’t and don’t see the result of our stories. We can and will appreciate the beauty in His carving of our lives.

Step by step, breath by breath, prayer by prayer. He is with us. Always. Even at the grocery store.

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