Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The Misadventures of Jacob and Anne

4:30 am arrives; the alarm buzzes; I am groggy– it can’t be possible that we have to wake up THIS EARLY.

The alarm is relentless, and really, it must be silenced, doused in a cup of cold water, never to chirp again.

Nevertheless, we bounce out of bed, gather our suitcases, drive down 64 without regard to our icy road mishaps.

We arrive at Norfolk International Airport: the parking lot is a sheet of frozen glass. The Jeep handles all terrain, but I– I am no ice-skater. I am not graceful. I am actually very clumsy. I make it to the terminal without bodily harm. Thankfully.

Sitting in the terminal, and hour and a half of flight delay, we arrive in Chicago, gaze at the oceanic Lake Michigan with its frozen fissures– see the Sears Tower loud in the distance– disembark to 0 degrees to hop on a plane to blizzard-ridden…

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