Beautiful Bavaria (and Austria)

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This trip consists of great love and substantial loss. Great love in that travel is the best form of education and I learned so much about culture and beauty in only a week, and great loss in that something very dear to me was left behind. However, I would like to think what I took with me– an education in culture, history, and acceptance– as even better. I didn’t think that I could travel alone to a different country. I am not an intrepid explorer. For so long I have lived my life through the lens of fear and “what ifs.” This week opened me up to what is possible outside the borders of your comfort zone. I can talk to strangers, gain new perspectives and find common ground. A week free of news, of internet, of computers: a week saturated with classical music, fresh food, absolutely wonderful company. This is what my heart yearns for, but I am finding it difficult to adjust now, being back in a world where the headlines slap you across the face with promises of sadness and chaos. It is okay, though, People are still good to each other in many cases, as I’ve seen and experienced.

Bavaria is a land of fairy tales, crazy kings, romantic villages nestled between staggering mountain peaks. Cheerful flowers adorn windows, Alpine lakes masquerade as turquoise Caribbean waters, and the people are of so many beautiful cultures. Now, beauty covers what evil tried to usurp so many years ago: a flower market replaces the square of Kristallnacht–  the night of the broken glass– and golden bricks commemorate those of the the silent majority, the passive resistance, the ones who refused to salute darkness at the helm of their country. The peaceful meadows roll on in Bavaria, gently sloping into the beauty of Alpine ridges. And time gently marches on here.

Below, snapshots of Munich, Germany, Salzburg, Austria, and the surrounding Alpine areas. I am so in love with the beauty and Romance of this region, and I intend to visit again as soon as I can. Cheers!


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