New Camera Joys


It’s here!

They’re here.

A new camera and shiny new glass. And, a new experiment: a Canon EOS v1 Film camera, with Porta 400 and Fuji 400 on the way via the wonderful Amazonian Prime road.

Dear Lord, this camera (the 1v) is a mysterious behemoth and a monstrous gamble. Help me.

I have been eyeing the Canon line for awhile– the “grass-is-greener” mentality, I’m sure. Truth is, my dad shot Nikon; he taught me Nikon, so I chose Nikon. And I *dearly* miss my D700–  which is now possibly roaming Europe without me (or it is sadly shelved in a forlorn lost-and-found, or in a pawn shop, or maybe it put money in the hands of someone who truly needed it. Wherever it is, whatever happened to it– I am at peace with it. But I try not to think about it too much or I shed a tear. Or 20.)

The look, the feel, the colors of the Canon are different. Shooting in manual is different. The knobs are different. The buttons are different. The screens are different. My fingers want to find the on-off switch on my trusty Nikon. I figure they will adjust to their new positions soon, with practice.

And last . . . it is not the camera but the photographer who makes the art.

Here’s to new beginnings. Cheers.

Canon 7D. 50mm 1.8. Porta 400 preset until the real thing arrived. I am simultaneously terrified and excited.

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