Rome: a Paragraph

The delightfully chaotic streets of Rome where I imagine meeting Shelley and Keats over cappuccino on a sidewalk cafe– it seems that nothing is in order here and everything is loud, and even the alleys bustle with lights, vines, color, and people laughing. There is nowhere quite like this city and its sounds, its sights, and its tastes. To step back in time, to honor the ones who fell in the Colosseum– to touch its cold marble arches– to see the opulent Vatican where Michelangelo and his brush rendered the jewel tones of the Sistine Chapel, to hear Marc Antony pay homage to Caesar in the Forum’s ruins, to see the story of God played out in this fast-paced, eclectic, artistic and passionate city: Go thou to Rome. 12359972_10102348627174668_4116843162927524680_n

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