Like an Arrow


This is small:

Yesterday, my mom handed me a box of crackers left over from my dad’s recent trip to Maine. It was a huge box. The kind with 48 crackers. I was kind of excited, figuring they would hang around for months. They were the good kind, the sweet peanut-butter kind. The stuff I don’t really buy at Costco because they are kinda pricey and we all know we can’t leave Costco without spending over $100 as it is.  Driving home, I noticed a man in a wheelchair in the Walgreen’s parking lot. Jacob has spoken with him before. A nice man, an older man with long, silver hair. He lives in his car. I don’t know his situation: he could have more money than I do. I don’t judge. I try not to assume. None of us are truly what we seem, but God knows us deep down to our bones.  This man was kind and grateful. I turned my car around and pulled into the parking lot. I rolled down my window and spoke to him. He looked surprised.  I gave him the box of crackers. I am not sure if he needed them or wanted them or just took them to be polite. I figured, they would have helped me– maybe they can help him, too. He smiled through his eyes. “Peace be with you,” he said. We can all do something small for somebody to make the world better. You can do for one person what you wish you could do for every person. We can make it better. Little by little. Kindness by kindness. Arrow by arrow.

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