The Black Cat

A silent sentinel, she stands on my desk with a Cheshire grin and emerald eyes that gleam in the early morning shadows. She guards my slumber, her watch steadfast in darkness. At first I am startled: she is looming over me, her shadow long– then I reach to pat her head as she arches her back to meet my hand. Her coat is soft, warm velvet– the color of a deep espresso–her expression serious, inquisitive, gentle.  She nuzzles my hand with her head, and as my alarm clock rings, she deftly leaps from the desk.


And just like that, my day has begun. As many of my days begin. With a black cat crossing my path.

Am I unlucky? No. Not at all. I am grateful.

Of course we are taught to be wary of black cats: by superstition– they are harbingers of misfortune. They are not readily adopted– a travesty– because they are so easily loved. Recently, shelters have found they are being rejected because they are hard to photograph on Instagram.

Truly, how shallow have we become?

As the caretakers of the earth and the creatures who dwell on it, we need to do better for them and for us.

There is not a lot of scientific correlation of a cat’s color to his personality, but many agree that their black cats are the nicest. In my (albeit limited) experience, I have actually found this to be true. My two want to be around us always. They are affectionate snugglers. Luna keeps me warm in the winter: a purring, breathing blanket. She is silky, soft, and comforting. Did you know a cat’s purr can help lower your blood pressure? It’s true.

Black cats’ coats make them magical, beautiful creatures– not objects of fear.

All this to say: if you have the opportunity to welcome a black cat into your life, do it. And if you have a black cat that you love in your life, keep him or her safe in the month of October.


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