Some days


Some days, these days, I want to hide from headlines. Lies are the thorns that entangle, yet in the midst of it all the rose of His grace still thrives. It was our fear, our betrayal, our ugliness that led to the sin-stained cross of a Savior Who
Loved me to save me
From this earthly chaos,
He bore the Condemnation of my selfish heart.
Willingly He took my wretched, as
Many eyes beheld him,
Scorning, Mocking,
My ingratitude pushed the thorns into His brow. Yet- His insatiable love pulls me toward Him
Compelling me with Grace.
He is Love, Joy, Peace, Bravery:
He wore those thorns to free us from ours. Because of Him, beauty takes root in the barren places.
What was once an ugly tendril that had to struggle and grasp for air–
– is now a pathway to Beauty & Grace.

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