Lean in

Soon tomorrow will be here. The earth will spin once more around its axis and the sun will drape haze over sleepy houses. Still the little wrens will perch on power lines and the squirrels will dart up the autumn trees. Coffee will brew and eggs will sizzle in cast iron and morning will trickle slowly through kitchen curtains. Cats will burrow deeply into blankets as they hold on to gentle slumber and we will step into a new day with brave faces covering fearful hearts. But tonight– I want to pull the white comforter over my head, close my eyes tight, and ask God, “will we be okay?” He whispers silent to my soul, “Lean in. Lean in to Me instead of leaning on your own understanding.” Soon tomorrow will be here and even if it feels different and we are frightened, lean in. Lean into His love. Lean into prayer. Lean into His peace that surpasses all understanding

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