Tomorrow is Here

Tomorrow is here. If you’re scared this morning, I pray you will find peace. If you feel lonely, I pray you find comfort. If someone’s ugly words bruised you, I pray you find healing. If you feel condemned, I pray love will wrap its arms around you so tightly that you cannot breathe (but please–keep breathing!). We might not control what happened and what has been happening. But we control us. We can control our words. We can control our actions. We can love and accept and look out for our neighbors through it all. Keep your eyes and ears open. Encourage someone. Be a helper. Buy a friend or a stranger coffee today and be unnecessarily kind. Donate to an organization that you care about: even better– if you can– volunteer. Put actions to your political views. Make something beautiful and give it away. We are all hurting in one day or another. Get on your knees and then roll up your sleeves. We have work to do. Let God heal your heart today so that you can heal others.

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