The Blind Spot

A long time ago, I was a 15 year old learning to drive. Tidewater is not the easiest place to learn. Drivers yield on and off exit ramps like fighter pilots weaving through the air. One of the first things my dad taught me about was the blindspot. “You need to use your mirrors,” he said, “because there could be cars coming that you simply don’t see.”

We all have blindspots, I think, when it comes to seeing people. We don’t understand their perceptions because we haven’t lived their realities. And sometimes, we refuse to acknowledge them.

Even if this election has brought about the worst of us, it’s opened our eyes to the rest of us. And– this, too– it’s opened the door for the best of us.
Where there is a harsh word, we can answer with love. Where there is discord, we can pursue peace. Where there are two sides, we can educate ourselves on both. Where there is disagreement, we can discuss. Where there is discrimination, we can demolish walls. Where there is mockery, we can show respect. Where there is hurt, we can heal. Where there is fear, we can listen. Where there is a blindspot, we can look past the mirror to see others instead of ourselves. Then, we can work make it better.

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