Everyday Christmas 

A week ago the church gathered joyful; we gripped candles close to our heart as we sang: “A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices. . .” A week ago we reveled in the beauty of the season: the joy of the lights, the smell of the pine, the warmth of the cocoa. A week ago, work stopped. Our souls were still. Our worries set aside, replaced with wonder. And now– we stand at the precipice of cold and dark January: the ornaments plucked from trees–the stockings, stashed– the lights that danced bright in city streets– dimmed. We brace for a week back at work: back to the worry and the traffic and the stress. But– is it possible to live Christmas each day, to live and breathe and work from a place of peace? Christ was born on the earth so that He could be born in us each morning anew; He was born on this earth to crush chaos and condemnation. We can carry Christmas into the new year because the light of Christ can shine in us always. He is eternal celebration. He is eternal hope. 🕊✨

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