Yesterday got me thinking– who are the woman with whom I wish to walk in solidarity?
They respect others’ beliefs without belittling. They embrace diverse thought without ridiculing.
They open their arms, their homes, their tables, their hearts, their wallets to the orphan, the widow, the foster child, the refugee, the missionary, the lonely, the elderly, the discouraged–and– those who disagree with them.
They open their mouths to tell that grace triumphs over death, to speak awareness over injustice, to be a voice for for the voiceless: the unborn, the small children, the animals.
They hold the hand of the woman beside her, regardless of her appearance, past, religion, color, status, job, or orientation.
They break bread with the broken, bring healing to the hurting.
They celebrate each other’s differences; they celebrate each other’s successes.
They choose encouragement over gossip– inclusion over exclusion.
They are beautiful sisters, loving mothers, dedicated employees.
They belong to each other.
I want to become that woman, and I am thankful for those women in my life. 💕💗🌿

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