I am learning as I go: the simple life is a good life. A life that is content in little but gives much. Work hard, absolutely. We must. But this too– root deeply in God’s rest: cultivate joy–produce peace. We can stop striving for things that don’t matter much. Joy doesn’t reside in the marble counter tops or the perfectly curated kitchen or the number of square feet in your home but in the stillness of your soul as it rests in Divine arms. Joy cannot be earned. It cannot be bought. It cannot be worn. Joy needs no outer adornment: it is beauty in and of itself. Joy resides in a soul that is content in God’s love. Joy dwells in a soul that is still. “We can be still because God is still. God is still on the Throne. God is still working things for our good.” And so today in this world of distraction I will try to rest and be still. I will try to rest and be content. I will rest and notice His gifts all about: the swaying purple daisies haphazardly planted, the sunlight streaming in the kitchen window, the color of golden grass illuminated by sun, the time I have with people I love, the quiet things that teach me about His nature and love.

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