Welcome to Sparrow! I’m Anne: English teacher, wife, (aspiring mermaid), cat-mom, (flower child), traveler, reader, photographer, and picture book author.


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Ethereal. Whimsical. Poetic. Peaceful. These are adjectives I love to convey in art. I never knew I was going to become an artist. I studied literature in college, and I planned to become an English teacher, which I did. However, through my studies and through trying to escape my studies, God taught me so much about His beauty through the lens of a borrowed camera.

My last year of grad school, I stole time in nature, time away from my thesis on linguistics and Mark Twain. I began to do my own research as I fell in love with the nuanced beauty of nature and the patterns of light. Elaine Scarry writes in her book, On Beauty and Being Just, “Something beautiful fills the mind yet invites the search for something beyond itself” (29) and “beauty is lifesaving” (24). Even if it takes only a moment for the shutter to click, I hope that these images carry weight beyond their pixels: I hope to capture the poetry,  light, grace, truth, and the love we share with each other in the story God tells through our lives.

Thank you for visiting my corner of the great world web. Grab some coffee and look around!

Morning Cup of coffee and a beautiful roses flowers on light background, top view. Cozy Breakfast. Flat lay style.

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